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"Nozzle Caddy's are so inexpensive that I install them on my jobs. My customers love them...and it's a great way for me to offer them added value." — J.T.

Home Owner

"It's a very practical product. We use several around our home to keep our nozzles and sprinkler heads handy and out of the mud. We can snap it to a pipe...move to another spot...zip tie it to a fence. Before we'd loose or misplace so many nozzles. Nozzle Caddy solved the problem for us." — S.H.

Grounds Keeper

"Nozzle Caddy is a tough little product...versatile and easy to use. I've put it to the test in all four (4) mounting applications...it does a great job!" — B.R.

Weekend Gardener

"What I like the most about Nozzle Caddy is how simple and easy it is to use and to install." — C.M.

Garden Lover

"Works great! I like that it's lightweight...economical and comes in a nice rich garden green." — R.L.

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